Fabric holds memories, histories, especially of loved ones who have died – a sweater from a favorite vacation, a dress worn when you were engaged, a baby’s shirt from the day she was born, an everyday, wintertime scarf. We find it hard to simply donate these items. There is something sacred about them – the memory of one deeply loved.

I offer commissioned memorial art quilts that combine your special fabrics into a custom art piece. I work the fabrics into an image of your choosing — perhaps a landscape, or a symbol or image that honors your loved one. I take special joy in incorparating anything you send — yes, even Hawaiian shirts!

Pricing: (prices do not include shipping)

  • 8×10: $100
  • 11×14: $150
  • 16×20: 300
  • Custom or Large Sizes: $1.20 per square inch


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