Live Awake Retreat

Our days are often busy and loud, yet we feel empty and asleep. Storytelling, art, and prayer remind us to slow down and live more fully awake with compassion, creativity, and curiosity. Join us at the rustic Ruminate Barn in Fort Collins, Colorado, on Saturday, October 1st—let’s practice staying awake together!

Register here: https://www.store.ruminatemagazine.com/products/live-awake-retreat

The one-day retreat at the Ruminate Barn will run from 9:00 – 3:30 and includes:

  • Contemplative prayer time led by Ruminate staff.
  • A creative workshop led by fiber artist Sandra J. Hopkins. Participants are asked to bring items holding significance, especially those from past struggles, such as clothing, jewelry, scarves, letters (i.e shrines in closet). These items will be altered throughout the workshop session as we stitch back together our remnants into wholeness.
  • We’ll explore our stories through these reclaimed fabric remnants, and participants will have the option to display their work at the Saturday evening gathering, Nowhere Near: Encountering the Vast Landscapes of Art and Story.
  • No previous art experience needed
  • Lunch, snacks, coffee and tea will be provided
  • Quiet time for slowing down, journaling, and meditation
  • We’re offering two scholarships based on financial need.The retreat, like Ruminate, will be one of inspiration, community, and beauty. You will gain inspiration in our workshop, and you will be nourished by also having dedicated time for slowing down, writing and creativity, being outside, making friends, sketching, and being quiet in prayer. We hope you’ll join us!

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